Cooking on a Bootstrap

Cooking on a Bootstrap is an online blog written by Jack Monroe who is a British food writer, journalist and activist known for campaigning on poverty issues, particularly hunger relief. She has created a blog that shows off various recipes that are quick and affordable.

Here is a link for the website where all the recipes can be found

Eco Savvy Recipe Book

Some brilliant recipes provide by Eco Savvy's wonderful volunteers, members and staff. Made using food from the food share, leftovers and also featuring their favourite recipes!

Here is a link for the recipe book

Grow your own

Arran Pioneers goal is to contribute to the self sufficiency and sustainability of Arran, while providing publically accessible green spaces that are beautiful and use nature led design to grow a variety of different produce. Since March 2020 we have worked with seven different communities around Arran and helped to create five new community gardens and farms while advancing the aims of established gardens.

Here is a link to the Arran Pioneer Project community gardens:

Arran Food Bank

Here is a poster explaining the Arran Food Banks as well as a link to their Facebook page

Arran Community & Voluntary Service provides a comprehensive range of services to third sector organisations.

We are a local charitable organisation that provides a range of information and office services to voluntary and community organisations operating on Arran.

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