'Vibrant Arran' Responses to COVID 19

We have created an interactive map of Arran to celebrate the way the community of Arran pulls together when a crisis hits.  It visually demonstrates the creativity and vitality of the community in responding to local needs during the pandemic.

We hope to have included as many activities as possible to show the breadth of initiatives that were undertaken to support each other. The map includes short descriptions of the activities and photos and videos. We very much like to give credit where credit is due, so are keen to ensure that the organisers are named if they wish to be.

Besides making it available to the community to interact with, this map can be shared with local and national partners, with funders and other organisations, to show them how our vibrant community is worthy of support and investment

Arran Community & Voluntary Service provides a comprehensive range of services to third sector organisations.

We are a local charitable organisation that provides a range of information and office services to voluntary and community organisations operating on Arran.

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