Lemon Aid from Citrus Energy can provide financial assistance for people who require assistance with their energy costs.   https://www.citrusenergy.co.uk/lemon-aid/

Fuel Vouchers
Lemon Aid can issue fuel vouchers valued at £30 between April and September and £49 from 1st September to 31st March.
These vouchers are for those with prepayment meters for clients who are at risk of going off supply and have no funds to top up.  There is no other qualifying criteria.  A client can have up to 3 vouchers in a 12 month period although we have the ability to override this.

Credit meters

Customers with low level debt or struggling to make their next monthly payment may be eligible for assistance.  If a discretionary payment is made then this payment gets made by BACS directly to their energy account.  For this we need proof of benefits, either award letters, screenshot of UC journal or a bank statement showing their benefit payment and balance to prove they do not have the funds to make the payment.

Higher levels of debt may be paid for clients with serious health conditions and are dependent on heating and hot water in their homes, or rely on medical equipment.

Referrals for fuel vouchers should be emailed to vouchers@chaltd.org this mailbox is manned daily and if submitted before 3pm the client will receive the voucher same day.

Debt referrals should be emailed to lemonaidref@chaltd.org

Please be aware that Lemon Aid are overwhelmed with referrals at present and it may be 7 working days for normal referrals to be picked up unless there is a risk of warrant action etc where it will be dealt with as a priority. Fuel Vouchers are dealt with as a priority

Renfrewshire CAB:

https://www.renfrewshirecab.org.uk/               Tel:  0141 889 2121


The Wise Group:

provide home energy advice to people across the UK, helping them to heat their homes at a cost they can afford.  Through our support, customers are able to reduce their costs, improve their energy efficiency and learn hints and tips on how best to use their home energy.  See the link below for more information.


Arran Community & Voluntary Service provides a comprehensive range of services to third sector organisations.

We are a local charitable organisation that provides a range of information and office services to voluntary and community organisations operating on Arran.

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