As part of our work at Arran Community and Voluntary Service we currently support the following groups, and others who may not be listed:

Suicide Prevention Toolkit

“You said, we did” – Arran CVS and TACT are pleased to launch The Third Sector Suicide Prevention Toolkit

During the Year 2 launch of the Communities Mental Health & Wellbeing Fund, the focus group sessions identified a resource gap. The Third Sector groups and organisations in attendance told us that, although there are resources available to support the sector in relation to suicide prevention, they are not easily accessible and don’t offer guidance on many of the areas that cause concern.

The sector asked for a Suicide Prevention Toolkit to be developed that brought a range of information, tools, and guidance into one easily accessible document.

A short life working group was established, with representatives from a range of local Third Sector Organisations.  Through a serious of meetings, the group identified what they felt was most important to include and a format they felt was accessible and easy to use. The group shared many personal experiences of the impact of suicide and suicidal thoughts, which brought a richness and insight to the discussions that was hugely valuable to the process. This toolkit would not have been developed without their input.

The Third Sector Suicide Awareness Forum as the group is now called, intend to continue to meet on a quarterly basis for ongoing personal development, peer support and to ensure the toolkit is kept up to date and improved upon.

If you are interested in joining or attending any future meetings, or if you have any feedback or suggestions on how to improve the Toolkit, please email


Lunch Clubs

Arran now has a weekly lunch club with alternating venues between the two retirement housing complexes, Glen Estate in Brodick and McKelvie Road in Lamlash for the first time since the Covid-19 pandemic.

The lunch clubs wouldn't be able to run properly if it wasn't for our wonderful volunteers who generously give up their time to either cook, serve food or clean up. We are always looking for more volunteers to help out and appreciate any time that people can give.

We are happy to announce that the Lunch Club is currently FREE, thanks to a grant from the North Ayrshire Council Community Fund & a donation from Trust Housing Association.

Although people can just turn up on the day, it is preferable that people complete a membership form prior to arrival just so our chefs are aware of any information regarding any allergies or special dietary requirements.

Attached below is a membership form that you can print and fill in if required.


Umbrella Group

The planned activities vary from quilling to silk painting, crocheting and screen printing.

The Umbrella Project meets weekly and engages in arts and crafts, games and other indoor activities. There is the usual tea/coffee & biscuits with attendees being encouraged to chat and interact. The group is run by dedicated volunteers who provide interesting and inspired activities week after week.

The aim of this group is to provide opportunities for those who might need support and encouragement to become involved in their local community. Anyone who would like to come along and share an interest or skill with others is also welcome. There are many therapeutic benefits to crafting activities and the atmosphere of the group is welcoming and inclusive.

Community Transport Scheme

Our Community Transport pilot scheme has been developed to help support the health and wellbeing of our community

Transport is provided by our volunteer drivers and is avaliable for people who need to attend appointments such as doctors, hospital and dentists. We also offer them the opportunity to go to local social community functions.

For more information, please contact  our Transport Co-ordinator, Jeanette Macleod on or phone the office at 01770 600611

I don't have the confidence to drive anymore and I live a distance from the nearest bus stop. This service is invaluable to me, and It's nice to have a chance to chat to the volunteer driver."

Arran Acorns

Arran CVS facilitated set up of this inter-generational project. The first stage of saw children from Brodick Early Years centre visit Glen Estate sheltered housing for weekly sessions of activities, varying from music and dancing to arts and crafts.

Both children and residents participating immersed themselves in the activities with great enthusiasm. Residents also visited the children for a coffee morning and watched their nativity play. Through this project, great relationships were made and these connections will continue to flourish. Future plans are to include similar work with the preschool children and Stronach Day Care service.

Befriending Arran

Social Isolation is a major problem nationally; it has also been identified locally as a priority within the Locality Planning Partnership and Health and Social Care Partnership .

Almost 50% of Arran residents are over the age of 65; a large number who live alone. Statistics show that loneliness can be more harmful to someone’s health than 15 cigarettes a day. Befriending Arran was started to address social isolation locally. It provides one to one support and companionship to vulnerable and isolated older people.

Older people can be referred in by a number of services, or can self-refer. The befriendee is matched to a compatible volunteer, trained by the befriending network. Both will meet up on a regular basis to do agreed activities, for example go for a walk, visit a community group or event, have a coffee, or just sit and talk. There is also an option to use Arran CVS digital devices; Skype, Facetime, etc. where this has been requested.

Generations Together

Arran CVS brought together young people from Arran High school and residents of McKelvie Road sheltered housing to create 'generations together'.

Students visit a few days a week and support activities such as arts and crafts, games sessions, manicures and beauty treatments. The participating residents of McKelvie Road are delighted to welcome the pupils into their communal lounge and take part in the sessions.

Alongside this, some residents expressed an interest in IT support. These sessions are supported within our office, on a prearranged basis. The resident can bring along a tablet, phone and seek basic technical help from the pupils. As part of our Befriending Training we are now offering dementia awareness sessions, this includes trying on an 'Ageing suit'.

We are pleased to have been able to extend this invitation to the young people involved, which helps increase their understanding of older people and the aging process.

Arran Community & Voluntary Service provides a comprehensive range of services to third sector organisations.

We are a local charitable organisation that provides a range of information and office services to voluntary and community organisations operating on Arran.

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