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PVG is changing - Have your say!

On 25th April 2018 the Scottish Government and Disclosure Scotland launched a consultation document that will form the basis of the PVG scheme going forward. The replies to this consultation will form the basis of the fully amended PVG system that is anticipated to be launched in the next couple of years.

This consultation gives you a full opportunity to feed back your responses and those of others within your group to the proposed amendments.

It is vital that as many as possible organisations/groups/individuals provide responses to the consultation so that there is an understanding within the policy team of how the proposed changes will impact on those that use the disclosure system.

Matters up for consultation are going to form the basis of the disclosure checking system over the next decade.

Ending on July 18th 2018, the consultation will run for 12 weeks – this gives you the opportunity to consult with appropriate stakeholders within your group as to your response.

The consultation covers the entirity of the disclosure process and we would recommend that you read over it first to see how the proposals fit together in an overall fashion before responding. This consultation is split into seven sections, each section provides information and discusses policy options and then asks the respondent to answer questions on matters relating to possible options for change.

Although it looks like a lot of time to set aside, you can save your details as you go and complete the process over a number of sessions – just follow the instructions on how to save your progress.

Over the next 3 months you have the opportunity to feedback on issues such as,

· The number of disclosure products that are available

· Fee structures

· Moving to a digital service

· Replacing regulated work with a list of positions.

· Definition of a protected adult

· The duration of PVG scheme membership

· Introducing a membership card

· The definition of a qualifying voluntary organisation

· Implementation of a fee for volunteer disclosure checks

· Changes to the referral, barring and under consideration process.

· The removal of information from a scheme record.

Note that the PVG system will become mandatory and Scottish Ministers have decided that the consultation in this area will be about how and not whether a fully mandatory PVG Scheme is brought into existence.

The above is just a selection of the areas that the consultation is covering and Volunteer Scotland Disclosure Services would recommend reading over the consulatation prior to starting to answer the questions so that you have an overview of the complete proposal before answering.

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