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CLASP digital Buddies

Introducing CLASP Digital's Bronze, Sliver & Gold Digital Skills Programme.

'Basic' can mean different things to different folk. they have adapted SCVO's basic digital skills framework to allow us to start your digital learning journey.

They can show you how to get the best from your device- from starting it up; making it easy to read; explaining about icons, apps and screens; navigating your way around it- to getting on to the internet and , importantly, helping you understand how to stay safe when you're online.

Thereafter the Digital Buddies will help you learn the things YOU and to learn and not the things that someone else thinks you should be learning.

Whether you have a smart phone, a tablet or a laptop (sorry, they can't do home visits if you have a 'proper' computer), we can help you understand how to find your way around it- and the internet- safely.

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