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Chief Officer's Round-Up


Our Chief Officer will periodically provide a brief insight of relevant information for third sector colleagues. If you have any questions or wish to input in any way please feel free to contact our office on 01770 600611

Community Planning Partnership Board

Role - Third Sector Interface North Ayrshire

Stephen Brown offered a lively presentation on Universal Children’s Service Planning, how collaborative working continues to improve services. Addressing childhood obesity has been particularly successful in North Ayrshire and he also stressed the importance of early intervention with children to receive the best possible outcomes.

This was followed by 3 workshops, one around ‘fair for all’ proposed food pledges, which aims to enhance the well-being of individuals and communities through access to good food. The other 2 workshop updated members on the work taking place in Garnock Valley and also Kilwinning with locality partnerships and how the CPP can support it.

Further dates for ACES (adverse childhood experiences) resilience screenings were announced for June, July, August and September across the localities.

There was an update from the welfare reform working group, indications show an increase in rent arrears, an increase in housing pressure and also in complex cases being supported since the roll out of Universal credit. Further information on support being provided will follow.

Full minutes of the meeting are available here;

A copy of North Ayrshire Children’s Service plan can be found here;

Information on Better off North Ayrshire;

Community Investment Fund Workshop

Role – Senior Lead Officer

This workshop invited chairs and lead officers to discussions around the delivery of the fund and what it is and is not. It is important that there is consistency in the distribution of the funding across the localities and that it meets and addresses local needs and priorities set out in each locality partnership plan. As the name suggests the funding will be open to Community organisations to work in partnership addressing challenges in innovative and effective ways that involve the community and create sustainable solutions. Further information;

Break the Silence Conference

Break the silence provide a range of support options for survivors of rape and childhood sexual abuse. This was their first conference and it was extremely well attended. Led by CEO Alison Tait who set the scene with the Ayrshire perspective. This was followed by a presentation on Moving on which is an education programme for schools providing information and early intervention. They offer one to one support and counselling sessions.

Duncan Craig CEO from survivors Manchester, a third sector organisation, delivered a highly informative presentation on work with male survivors and the barriers they face in disclosure of abuse, including gender discrimination by some rape crisis centres. Some men wait, almost a lifetime, before they have the right conditions and support to break the silence on their vulnerability to exploitation. Duncan referred to recognising the link between substance misuse, as way of blocking out painful thoughts and emotions, and survivors of sexual abuse. He spoke positively of turning post-traumatic stress into post traumatic growth.

Norma Howes, Sensorimotor psychotherapist spoke about her work and the impact that trauma has on childhood attachment and survival strategies. This was an interesting and very informative presentation which helped develop an understanding of behaviours and relationships in victims of sexual trauma. Several other inspiring presentations followed and included a questions and answers session with the panel. This was the first annual conference held by Break the Silence the only Scottish partner in Male Survivors Support Partnership, a consortium of sexual abuse specialist support organisations for boys and men.

If you are interested in training from Break the Silence or want to find out more;

Scottish Government Survivor Scotland Strategic Plan -

Arran Economic group (AEG)

Role- 3rd sector representative

The meeting covered an overview of the current workstream and also the proposed delivery and focus on workstream items over the next two years.

Affordable Housing was discussed at length and the potential for 100 high amenity homes for affordable rental. The work around housing is currently being taken forward by the recently formed Arran Development Trust. One engagement event has already taken place and the next one be on Wednesday 18th July at 6pm in Lamlash Fire Station, anyone is welcome to drop in for more information.

Proposals for the transformation of the ex-ferry terminal building and development of a transit marina were also on the agenda, entitled Arran Gateway Project. A representative from CMal gave an update on the status of the building and also on the progress of the Ardrossan Task Force.

Ferry committee minutes can be found here;

In future the minutes from the AEG will be published on the Community Council website and the Annual Report from AEG can be found here;

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