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Be Disability Inclusive – Ethical, smart and good for organisations

Ayrshire DICE helps employers to be disability-confident through having easy access to a network of support. Now with over 30 partner organisations working together in Ayrshire, they are taking every opportunity to inform and support employers. From household names to new dynamic organisations, all of which have the commitment and focus to assist local employers to provide supportive relationships with people with disabilities or health conditions, for mutual benefit.

Ayrshire DICE can offer professional advice on a range of issues and opportunities through its partners. Joining is free of charge and only a phone call or a click away. Whether its advice on developing policy and strategy, practical support on recruitment and retention or any matters relating to disabilities and health conditions, Ayrshire DICE is ready to provide support.

It is fully understood that the balancing the needs of the individual and the needs of the business or organisation can be tough. DICE Ayrshire can help organisations through the maze to maximise the benefits. It is an ethical approach as well as the smart thing to do with businesses and organisations citing higher retention rates, stronger staff morale and improved performance when positive and supportive action is taken.

For further details visit the Ayrshire DICE website:

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