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Arran CVS Community Transport

Arran Community and Voluntary Service (Arran CVS) are delighted to announce the arrival of two new wheelchair accessible vehicles to expand our community transport  service on Arran with a grant from Motability, the Charity

For many years transport has been one of the islands three priorities, identified as a key issue for people living on Arran. many residents on our island are geographically disadvantaged, often without their own transport or access to nearby public transport, and as a result experience difficulty leaving their homes. Particular challenges identified with those living rural locations or with mobility or other health needs.

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The Community Transport Scheme is a low cost door to door transport service for the local community who are unable to access existing transport, or where appropriate transport does not exist. Due to the rural location of many villages on Arran, residents are challenged by infrequent public transport, which affects their ability to leave their home, join social activity, attend medical appointments and carry out day to day interactions.

"The transport scheme has been a lifeline, we don't know what we would do without it!"

The scheme has been running since January 2022 in a 'pilot' phase. Working in partnership with island medical providers to transport residents to medical appointments as well as liaising with and supporting social isolation and mental wellbeing groups. Transport provided by volunteer drivers using their own vehicles.

How it works?

If you would like to register to use the service or become a volunteer driver please contact the office on 01770 600611 or contact Jeanette, our Transport Co-ordinator at Once you are registered to use the service you are able to request and use transport. All transport is subject to availability of volunteer drivers.

This scheme is not for profit, passengers only pay a modest charge to cover the cost of the driver's fuel expenses.

Arran Community & Voluntary Service provides a comprehensive range of services to third sector organisations.

We are a local charitable organisation that provides a range of information and office services to voluntary and community organisations operating on Arran.

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