Celebrating and recognising the volunteering

achievements of young people in Scotland

What is it?


Saltire Awards is the Scottish Governments national youth volunteer awards.

They celebrate, recognise and reward the commitment, contribution and

achievements of young volunteers in Scotland, aged between 12 and 25.


Young people gain nationally recognised certificates, signed by Scottish Government Ministers, for the different amounts of volunteering they do.

Saltire Awards helps young volunteers to reflect on, capture and communicate their learning and development gained through their volunteering.

There are four milestones to the Awards designed to help you celebrate your volunteering journey. The Challenge; The Ascent; The Approach; The Summit.

Who is it for?


Saltire Awards is for young people between the ages of 12 and 25 and who are volunteering for the benefit of the community or a good cause.

Saltire Awards recognises volunteering that meets the following three clear characteristics:

  1. It is a free will activity. It must not be undertaken through coercion and under no circumstances can it be mandatory.

  2. It is not undertaken for financial gain. Outwith reasonable expenses there must be no financial transaction to encourage someone to volunteer.

  3. It is a public and civil good undertaken for the benefit of the community, society at large or an individual other than the volunteer


Saltire Awards is delivered in each local authority area by the local Third Sector Interface (TSI) They provide support and assistance on achieving and accessing the Saltire Awards. For more information on Saltire awards please get in touch with James on 01770 600611 or email

The marketing and development of Saltire Awards is coordinated at a national level by Voluntary Action Scotland 


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