C.A.N - Community of Arran Network

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Arran Community and Voluntary Service support a forum for local charities, volunteer involving organisations and social enterprises.  At the network meetings representatives can make links and work together to benefit both members and communities.
In continuing to grow the network we will support all involved with relevant information and opportunities, governance and funding advice and training, suited to Arran organisations, delivered locally.
We welcome and encourage a representative from any local group or organisation to come along to the quarterly forum meetings.
Please let us know if your group will be represented at the forum.

To find out more contact us on: 01770 600611
email: carol.norton@arrancvs.org.uk

22 January 2020

Vicki Yuill chaired the meeting and talked through the forthcoming agenda.

Vicki highlighted for clarity that Arran CVS is in partnership with the Ayrshire Community Trust form that is known as the Third Sector Interface (TSI).


Just Enterprise

Zahra Hedges (Enterprise and Communities Business Advisor) defined a social enterprise and gave a presentation of how Just Enterprise can support social enterprises with;

Start-up programme workshops

Leadership programs

Strengthen your organisation

Growing your organisation

They also provide online learning

One to one support

Zahra gave detail on how to apply and about all other help they provide.

They provide ongoing support, not just at the start up stage.

Contact details are 03003023333 –  https://justenterprise.org/


North Ayrshire Council (NAC)

Laurence Cree, Senior Manager Property Management and Investment – gave an overview of the Brathwic project as part of 4 areas of development schemes, (3 others are on the mainland). This gave background weight to explaining how community benefits work for local groups and organisations.

He then explained the Community Benefit clause and informed the group that NAC will not only obtain the best value contractors but ensure that they provide good quality products.

His presentation covered employment and training, supply chain initiatives, education initiatives from primary age through to high school, community initiatives generated by the community.

NAC have already completed numerous community benefits in other localities.


Hub South West (Main Contracting Vehicle)

Gordon Hunter, Supply Chain Development Manager - explained that they will enable a cost-efficient design and construction of community infrastructure with the Brathwic project the spending of money will be kept within the South West Community by employing locally – working with small companies to win business also providing workshops and training for some who require it.


Ashleigh (Main Building Contractor)

Claire Hosie, Business Co-ordinator informed that there will be 34 affordable housing units within the Brathwic project.  Work should start onsite at the end of February/ beginning of March.

The presentation highlighted that throughout the 4 projects there will be 4 jobs and 6 apprenticeships available.

Claire discussed Community Benefits possibilities available to groups and organisations – these include but are not restricted to - school projects, work experience, construction information, career events. They are open to ideas from the public/community groups on what help the community needs. Ashleigh are an Ayrshire organisation and like to keep business within Ayrshire.

They provide 3 annual community activity days including charity event or business days which can include technical skills.

They aspire to create long lasting positive impacts rather than just a financial donation.  Please contact them with ideas of what is beneficial to the community while they are on Arran.

Contact details – 01292 692100 or email on c.hosie@ashleigh-scot.co.uk


Arran Resource Register – Joao Goncalves – Arran CVS

At the last Community of Arran Network meeting in September it was highlighted that an Arran resource register would be very useful. Joao gave a presentation on the use of the new Arran Resource Register and how to register.  It is available for groups and organisations to use.  The success of the register depends on your use, please add your equipment available for loan or hire, alternatively use it to borrow resources.

Groups are advised to get in touch to obtain the link or contact Joao at the office.

Contact details – 01770 600611 or email on joao.goncalves@arrancvs.org.uk



Carol Kane from Arran CVS advised that there are thoughts around creating a volunteer register in the future, similar to the resource register to ensure that volunteer opportunities are easily advertised and filled. 

Following on from feedback from last meeting Arran CVS contacted Business Gateway requesting Basic Social Media training on Arran.  This has led to Business Gateway coming to Arran to deliver ‘An Introduction to Facebook’ and also a number of other digital training workshops which will be held in Arran High School.



Carol distributed a summary of relevant open funding to the group and advised them to contact Arran CVS or the funder if they require further information.


Date of Next Meeting

Dates of the next network meeting in April will be circulated in due course.