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Scottish Charity No: SC004057

C.A.N - Community of Arran Network

Arran Community and Voluntary Service support a forum for local charities, volunteer involving organisations and social enterprises.  At the network meetings representatives can make links and work together to benefit both members and communities.
In continuing to grow the network we will support all involved with relevant information and opportunities, governance and funding advice and training, suited to Arran organisations, delivered locally.
We welcome and encourage a representative from any local group or organisation to come along to the quarterly forum meetings.
Please let us know if your group will be represented at the forum.

To find out more contact us on: 01770 600611
email: carol.kane@arrancvs.org.uk

4th September 2019

Vicki Yuill opened with a welcome and explained ACVS role and some of the current projects supported.

 Funding Opportunities

  • Anne Holmes from the Big Lottery shared details of funds currently open for applications.  She advised of changes happening within the organisation to simplify the application process.  The present funding will expire in 2020, therefore applications should be received promptly.  Applications can be received from ‘idea’ stage, however the further on you are with your project the better.  All application are processed online, however, prior to submitting an application, it is advisable to call Big Lottery to discuss first and ensure it is appropriate.  The turnaround for a successful application at present is approximately 12 weeks rather than the normal 6 weeks.  The lottery funders have 3 priorities from applicants;

1. People Led Projects (by the people who will benefit from the fund)

2. Strength based (making most of the strengths and assets of the community)

3. Connected (to connect with groups in the community)

Applications are required to be from a constituted organisation or charity with a committee of at least 3 people

From 2020 there will be no Major Capital fund.

 Training Opportunities

It was asked how Arran CVS could support community groups and which training they feel could benefit them and their volunteers.  Previous training provided includes Volunteer Management Training, Social Media, GDPR Workshop, Basic Bookkeeping and upcoming will be Adult Support and Protection Training scheduled for 13th November.

 Eco Savvy

Jude from Eco Savvy shared information around the Scottish Climate Change fund – Island Project.  Jude explained the success of the Foodshare Initiative which is done in partnership with the Co-op.  She encouraged groups to sign up to Eco Savvy food programme.  There are lots of positive awareness events provided by Eco Savvy including discussions on air source heat pumps and solar panels.  Alongside this they carry out energy efficiency audits.  Upcoming events are Savvy Food Film Social on Monday 23rd Sept at 6pm at Home Farm, Brodick.  Arran in 10 years Transport & Travel Tuesday 1st October Brodick Hall 4pm – 7pm, discussions also took place around the present E Bike Share and future awareness events including Lift Share, Savvy Map Awareness for cycling.

 Eco Savvy highlighted that they are in need of volunteers.


  • An asset map was suggested and discussed, including health support and patient awareness of what's available to them i.e. ARCAS support, including their funding of a cancer nurse and possible resource mapping such as wheelchair borrowing. The conversation led to discussions of resource borrowing for groups (such as lap tops, gazebos etc) and the feasibility of maintaining such a list.

  • Carena was suggested as a resource for a central communication hub, however this was previously utilised in North Ayrshire, it was mentioned this wasn’t as successful a resource on Arran for numerous reasons. 

 The following questions were asked by group representatives:

How do people ask for help and where do they ask for help?

 How are changes in groups communicated? 

 ACVS currently phone around for changes in the What's On Guide as frequently as possible but also rely on people going to them with changes.

Where would people find most useful/appropriate for information on groups and support be held and how do we ensure it is accessible to all?  Library including library bus was suggested.  Vicki added that the Co-op have delivered What's On Guides when appropriate along with grocery deliveries.

A conversation then followed where several members felt access to sensitivity awareness training would benefit those dealing with certain health matters. This is out of scope for the TSI and the suggested route for further enquiry would be through the patient and Service User Group at Arran Medical Practice.

 AOB & Close

Vicki Yuill raised awareness to the groups that any Eu/EEA/Swiss current UK residents will be required to apply for this before the end of 2020.  It was asked that people think of individuals that may be socially isolated or in care homes etc. that may not be aware of this deadline.

Applications for the Arran Locality Partnership Community members were circulated and Vicki asked for anyone interested to submit by 16th September 2019.