Funding Downloads


Managing Money is all about making the most of what an  organisation has available to spend and ensuring it keeps a proper track of it.  Arran CVS can provide information on general management issues, how to keep proper records, accounting regulations and procedure, internal controls that can head off mistakes with money, services that can help organisations deal with money and tax.


Fundraising is often the biggest headache for voluntary organisations.   We can also provide guidance on what kind of  funds are out there, who is providing them (both well known and less well known) and how to access them.  We can also offer ideas on other activities that may be able to help to  self-generate funds (such as trading, loans, novel fundraising ideas, etc).    

Accompanied with a wide variety of information and training,  Arran CVS offers guidance on best practice in financial management and fundraising.

For useful tips go to Arran CVS - Downloads - Managing Money to get you started.