Change Fund


Morven Buckby is the Development Officer for Reshaping Care for Older People. She can be contacted on 01770 600909 or

 Summary of the Change Fund

 The Scottish Government (SG) prescribed that the 3rd Sector should be part of the Partnership responsible for the appropriate allocation of funding to North Ayrshire as part of the Reshaping Care for Older People (RCOP) Initiative. This initiative is commonly termed the 'Change Fund'.

The Change Fund workplan for 2011-2014 includes elements of service delivery to be carried out by the 3rd Sector. In North Ayrshire, the 3rd Sector Interface (TSI) has acted as the Lead Partner for the 3rd Sector in partnership with the Independent Sector, North Ayrshire Council (NAC) and NHS Ayrshire and Arran.

Prior to the engagement with the 3rd Sector:

NAC and NHS had,  in North Ayrshire,  already developed a work-plan to deliver major change in the care of Older People. They  believed  the greatest impact  and return from Change Fund investment in North Ayrshire would be through enabling individuals to remain in their own homes for longer, and reducing the incidence of falls. The primary role of the 3rd Sector had been identified as the increased Promotion of Community Capacity (and in particular, through increasing opportunities for Socialisation), and the promotion of Active Lifestyles for older people.

A work-plan was agreed, and the following key priorities were identified for the 3rd Sector. This paper attempts to summarise the agreed actions, and the progress towards achieving the outcomes.

The main actions agreed were:

    • Provision of additional support to Carers in North Ayrshire
    • Development of Volunteering to support older people
    • Establishment of Lunch Clubs
    • Provision of Information and Advice to Individuals and Community Groups
    • Publication of a Lunch Club Guide
    • Publication of a What’s on Guide
    • Support older people to attend physical activity sessions
    • Prevention of Falls
    • Determine the future direction of travel

 Financial Investment decisions

Financial Investment in the 3rd Sector in North Ayrshire is made through the Community Health Partnership (CHP) process. 

The primary decision making process in relation to financial investment from the Change Fund is through 4 Lead Officers. These 4 Lead Officers are made up of 1 representative from each of the following - North Ayrshire Council, NHS Ayrshire and Arran, the Independent Sector (represented by Scottish Care), and the 3rd Sector (represented by the 3rd Sector Interface).

In 2012, NHS Ayrshire and Arran agreed revised internal Finance Procedures that enabled the Interface to act as custodian of 3rd Sector money, and allow flow through at financial year ends, within the context that all Change Fund money will be spent by 31st March 2015.

It was agreed the TSI would be  responsible for the drawing down of money, the distribution in accordance with the agreed plan, and the necessary reporting and monitoring arrangements.

Service Level agreements have been utilised between NHS Ayrshire and Arran and TSI na (Arran CVS) to enable most of the money, in respect of 3rd Sector organisation recipients, to be distributed. To date this has resulted in circa 18 organisations (some of whom are working in partnerships with others) receiving Change Fund money through a single SLA. This distribution was made through Sub Contract SLA’s  or Small Grants depending on the size of the award.

Provision of additional support to Carers in North Ayrshire

Recognition of the additional support required for Carers was recognised in 2012 both in terms of providing a voice in the decision making process (through attendance at the Lead Officers meetings), and the provision of funding to appoint an Older Carers support worker within the Carers Centre.

The appointment of the Service Co-ordinator was to establish a focussed service in relation to Older People.

Development of Volunteering to support Older People

The TSI is composed of the 2 organisations that had been charged by the SG with primary  intermediary responsibility in North Ayrshire for provision of support for volunteer  development and support to community groups (the former Volunteer Centre , and the CVS). It was recognised that there would need to be focussed support for the recruitment, training and development of more volunteers specifically to support Older People. This would include volunteers to both assist in service delivery, and also to be involved in the governance of Older Peoples community groups.

In April 2012 a Development Worker (hosted by the TSI) was funded from the Change Fund in mainland North Ayrshire to provide the additional focus on these activities. A similar post was funded on Arran on a part time basis, that was appointed as a full time post with the assistance of LEADER match funding and a contribution from Arran CVS.

These posts were instrumental in developing the pre-existing lunch club network in North Ayrshire and providing support to a range of groups.

On Arran support has been provided to groups including the Arran Elderly Forum, Chest heart and Stroke Scotland and Macmillan Cancer Support and the establishment of new groups including Palliative Care and a Disability Forum.                

Developing  Socialisation through Lunch Clubs

In North Ayrshire it was believed by Social Services that the maximum contribution from Change Fund investment in the 3rd Sector would be derived from expanding existing, and creating new, lunch clubs. It was agreed that a sum of money (£30000pa) be awarded to the 3rd Sector for distribution to lunch clubs. As custodian of the money, the TSI established a steering group comprising existing experienced lunch club operators. The group developed a criteria against which applications for funding might be considered. A series of engagement events were held throughout North Ayrshire (including Arran) to encourage the community to consider establishing lunch clubs.

In the 1st year of operation, 12 groups (some operating in partnership with others) were awarded funding, in amounts subject to a ceiling of £3000. 6 existing and 6 new lunch clubs benefited from this one-off funding.

Social Services have specified the focus for year 2 to be primarily as the development of new lunch clubs in sheltered housing complexes.