Monthly Archives: February 2014

Saltire Awards


For all you budding volunteers out there (aged between 12 and 25) have you registered for the Saltire Awards? You can create an online journal of all your voluntary work, making a great bit of evidence for your CV that you’re motivated and always up for a challenge! We’ll be holding a couple of workshops soon if you’re in school, but anyone can call us to find out more. It’s easy to join and the best bit is, you get rewards!

Hearing Aid batteries

We’ve just had a delivery of hearing aid batteries, so can help you find the right ones for your aid, and even help get the fiddly little blighters fitted! Just pop in any weekday 10am-2pm except Wednesdays.

Umbrella support group

Our support group, which has been nicknamed Umbrella (and we’re hoping it sticks!) is coming together nicely, with two project areas – indoors and outdoors. We are hoping to hold Volunteer training in March for those who wish to be volunteers, and at the same time offer PVG checks to those interested. More to come when we’ve got a date for this.

In the meantime, anyone who wants to get started on the outdoor project, which will be at Brodick Castle thanks to their extremely kind long-term land loan, please give me a call and we can get stuck in. All suggestions welcome – it’s about so much more than digging, although there will have to be a bit of that at least at the start!

Morag 01770 600611

Chest Heart and Stroke Scotland outreach on Arran

Hollie Wilson of CHSS  contacted us to let people know that there is a one-to-one communication support service for stroke survivors with communication difficulties. People can self-refer or ask someone to help them with this, by contacting Hollie on 07918 690651 or

As the Outreach co-ordinator she also hopes to set up a social support group. If you’d require assistance to contact Hollie, we would be happy to help.